Just Say No to Birth Control Pills

Whereas contraception capsules are certainly efficient at stopping undesirable pregnancies, the dangers far outweigh the advantages so far as your well being is anxious. If you’re at the moment utilizing contraception of any type (the capsule, photographs, the patch, and so on.), I can not urge you strongly sufficient to cease utilizing them instantly. There are various different safer methods to stop being pregnant.

Many ladies can also be taking contraception  Cytotec cochabamba capsules to alleviate painful cramping or irregular intervals. The capsule, nonetheless, does nothing to handle the reason for the issue, and as an alternative may even compound the issue.

Dr. Carolyn Dean, M.D., N.D. explains that “cramping or painful and irregular intervals are sometimes resulting from a deficiency of progesterone and an extra of estrogen. So estrogen-alone contraception capsules — as are probably the most generally prescribed capsules in the marketplace now — typically compound the issue. That is why some ladies have insupportable estrogen-induced unintended effects when they’re on contraception capsules like:

– Weight achieve
– Temper swings
– Breast tenderness

What’s Fallacious with the Capsule?

Contraception capsules, patches and photographs promote repeatedly raised estrogen ranges in a lady’s physique, one thing that’s neither pure nor secure. “A girl’s pure cycle consists of rising and falling ranges of estrogen and
progesterone. Contraception capsules work by protecting estrogen at a sufficiently excessive degree that they idiot the physique into considering it’s pregnant, subsequently one other being pregnant can not happen,” Dr. Dane reminds us. The results of repeatedly raised estrogen ranges within the physique embrace:

Elevated threat of breast most cancers
Elevated threat of blood clotting, coronary heart assault and stroke
Gall Bladder illness
Elevated blood stress
Weight achieve
Temper modifications
Nausea, Irregular bleeding or recognizing
Benign liver tumors
Breast tenderness

Most individuals do not know that to ensure that the physique to metabolize the capsule, the liver requires additional quantities of the B-complex nutritional vitamins, vitamin C, magnesium and zinc. Which means that if a lady has been on the capsule for years at a time (as most American ladies are), she is making a nutrient deficiency in her body–one of the 2 causes of all illness (the opposite being toxicity).

The Capsule and Yeast Overgrowth

Whereas yeast (candida albicans) typically makes its house within the digestive tract, widespread life-style selections like use of contraception capsules, antibiotics, a refined grain and sugar weight-reduction plan, and excessive stress ranges typically result in a candida overgrowth.
Toxins from yeast overgrowth can result in a number of different issues within the physique, presenting themselves in quite a lot of manners far past the widespread vaginal an infection. Signs like migraines, infertility, fibromyalgia, endometriosis, psoriasis, PMS, despair and digestive issues have all been linked to yeast overgrowth. The proof clearly exhibits that while you tackle the yeast overgrowth, the signs enhance or subside. Yeast overgrowth has been carefully linked to estrogen dominance in a lady’s physique attributable to the capsule.

Elevated Danger of Most cancers

The Nationwide Most cancers Institute tells us that the danger of growing breast most cancers is 1 in 8 for most of the people.
However research completed by Chris Kahlenborn, M.D., from Altoona Hospital in Altoona Pennsylvania, point out that “ladies who took oral contraception earlier than having their first youngster have a 44-percent elevated threat of growing breast most cancers.”
That will convey your threat of growing breast most cancers to 1 in 5-staggeringly excessive. “There’s great vested — drug firms with some huge cash, authorities businesses who give some huge cash for contraception. It would not make individuals look good when a research like this comes out,” Dr. Kahlenborn stated.


There are various secure and efficient contraceptives to think about:

Male Condoms: At a 98% effectiveness price, they’re almost as efficient because the capsule.

Feminine Condoms: Whereas these aren’t as acquainted to most individuals, feminine condoms are 95% efficient and are much less more likely to tear than male condoms. It consists of a small pouch that matches contained in the vagina earlier than intercourse.

Diaphragms: These should be fitted by a health care provider and are 92-98% efficient at stopping being pregnant. They’re skinny, smooth rubber mounted on a hoop that are inserted into the higher a part of the vagina to cowl the cervix and act as a barrier to sperm.

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