Designing Your Website’s Directory Structure

Any child, and their grandmother too, could make a webpage. There are numerous “wysiwyg” webpage design purposes that allow you to create a webpage as straightforward as typing textual content. However just a few individuals can create a WEBSITE. The stumbling block is realizing learn how to hyperlink webpages collectively to type a web site. I’ve seen many web sites that include a single webpage – a few mile lengthy!

The primary drawback is that web sites are contained in digital directories. You recognize that your webpages will be discovered at [], however the precise path to [] on the net server could also be identified solely by the system administrator. And the system administrator can transfer your web site to a special folder, or perhaps a totally different pc, with out altering its digital deal with.

The second drawback is that most individuals do not know learn how to write a relative hyperlink. Relative hyperlinks have the benefit that you simply needn’t know the trail to the webpage that you simply wish to hyperlink to, you solely have to know the place it’s “relative” to the webpage containing the hyperlink.

Designing Your Listing Construction

Step one to implementing a web site is to design the listing construction. Let’s design a listing construction for a easy obtain web site. The web site consists primarily of articles and digital materials that guests can obtain. You possibly can simply dump all the things on the high degree of the web site. Good luck sustaining that web site!

To maintain the information organized, you must create sub-directories (folders) on the web site. Though the web site consists solely of articles and digital downloads, you want 5 sub-directories, as described under.


  • articles
  • downloads
  • normal
  • frequent
  • cgi-bin


You perceive what the “articles” and “downloads” sub-directories are for, however what are the opposite three sub-directories for? It is customary apply to offer sure options in your web site, as listed under.


  • About
  • Contact
  • FAQ
  • Privateness Coverage
  • Search
  • Sitemap
  • Person Settlement


Every of those options requires a webpage. As a substitute of dumping the webpages on the high degree of the web site, or mixing them in with articles or downloads, let’s put them collectively in a folder named “normal” (I am positive you may consider a greater identify).

Your entire webpages use sure issues in frequent, for instance, your brand graphic. In case your net server gives SSI (Server Aspect Consists of) all of your webpages can share a standard header file and a standard footer file. You may also outline all of your web site’s kinds in a standard type sheet. Let’s put all of those information in a folder named “frequent”.

Your contact web page may use an electronic mail type. In case your server gives server-side scripts, you’ll place the e-mail type script in a folder named “cgi-bin”. Cgi-bin stands for “Widespread Gateway Interface – Binary”. Few individuals use CGI any extra, and those who do do not use binary information, however the folder identify has caught as a standard place to retailer scripts. Nearly all web sites include a preconfigured cgi-bin folder, and the web site could also be configured in order that the cgi-bin folder is the one folder with rights to run scripts.

I’d additionally suggest that you simply create sure sub-directories for among the above talked about directories. Most net pages include photos. You possibly can dump all the photographs in the identical folder with the webpages, however once you get greater than about 50 information in a folder, it turns into tough to take care of. It is best to create an “photos” sub-directory within the articles, downloads, and normal directories. The downloads listing also needs to have a “information” sub-directory to retailer the downloads.

This association of directories and sub-directories will present good file group for the exemple site internet. Understanding my reasoning for this listing construction ought to enable you to design a listing construction for the web site you take into account.

Default Web page Configuration

Each web site has at the very least one default webpage configured (additionally known as the “residence” web page). The default webpage is the webpage that’s returned when the consumer enters or clicks on a hyperlink containing solely the area identify, with out a particular file identify. On a Unix or Linux net server, the default webpage will normally be “index.htm”. On a Home windows net server (IIS), the default web page will normally be “default.asp”.

The web site administrator, or in case your webhost gives the required “management panel” characteristic, you may truly configure any web page to be the default web page. In case your net server has a couple of default web page configured, I’d suggest eradicating all however the default web page that you simply intend to make use of.

Now, let’s assume that your entire webpages have to hyperlink to a picture file named “brand.gif” saved within the “frequent” folder. The relative hyperlink in your default webpage could be as proven under.


The web site file supervisor interprets this as “look within the folder named frequent for the file named brand.gif”.

Nevertheless, the hyperlink on any webpage contained in one of many sub-directories could be as proven under.


The web site file supervisor interprets this as “go up one degree, then look down within the folder named frequent for the file named brand.gif”.

This distinction within the hyperlink is probably not an issue except you employ SSI or ASP (Lively Server Pages) to construct your webpages from a standard header file and a standard footer file. Then you definately want a special hyperlink within the frequent file relying upon whether or not the web page linked to the frequent file is the default webpage (the place you’ll use frequent/filename) or a webpage contained in a sub-directory (the place you’ll use ../frequent/filename). There are a number of methods to unravel this drawback.

1. In case your web site has a server-side scripting engine like ASP or PHP and you understand how to program, you could possibly implement code that selects the correct hyperlink.

2. You possibly can use the entire path, together with the area identify, on all pages. This may trigger issues for those who ever have to maneuver your web site to a special net host (Till all of the dns servers throughout the planet have been up to date).

3. You possibly can put your property web page in a sub-directory, for instance “frequent”, and make your default web page right into a re-direct to your property web page. Then you definately would use “../frequent/filename” for all hyperlinks. The next meta tag, positioned the pinnacle part of your default webpage, will instantly redirect the customers browser to your actual residence web page.

meta http-equiv=”refresh” content material=”0,url= “[]”

On this article, I confirmed you learn how to design a listing construction in your web site and learn how to create relative hyperlinks to hyperlink all of your webpages collectively to type a web site. Web site guests do not love to do numerous scrolling, so attempt to preserve your webpages to solely two or three screens excessive. Please, no extra web sites that include just one mile lengthy webpage!

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